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Sep 13, 2021
Wrote marketing copy
Hashnode vs. Medium—landing page

In Q3 2021, Hashnode made efforts to establish itself as "the new medium for the tech community" online. To help differentiate Hashnode from our competitor, Medium, I rewrote the "Hashnode vs. Medium" landing page.

Hashnode is a proudly international company, with its cofounders located in India, and teammates spread around the globe. As part of my role, I have created and implemented an internal style guide to bring a consistent, American English style & grammar to the site.

The purpose of this rewrite was to help standardize the language on the page while also updating the copy to reflect the latest direction the company has taken in terms of messaging.
Content Strategy & Marketing, Hashnode
Sep 13, 2021
Public Speaking
hosted an online event
From September 13 - 27 I hosted the 4th Hashnode Writing Bootcamp, entitled The Art & Business of Technical Writing.

This event featured 7 speakers from the tech industry and drew over 2,500 registrations.

In addition to hosting duties, I oversaw the marketing strategy for the event, including implementation of a digital ticketing system that generated hundreds of posts on social media. I also wrote the landing page copy (55% conversion rate) and the email marketing campaign (35% avg. open rate) for the event.